Ticket to ride: Bach, The Beatles, Glass, Bowie

The history of music is also the story of an intense dialogue among different artists. An artistic dialogue in which aesthetic links are established which enable a whole new creation to come together with one’s own musical heritage and projected into the future. Bach is one of the most influential composers in classical history, Berio of contemporary creation, and the Beatles of 20th-century pop. In the most current pop and classic music the same sort of blend takes place if we talk about David Bowie and Philip Glass. That is why, with the aim of continuing to establish inconceivable links, Lucas Peire translates into a new version the magnetism of music in which one cannot be explained without the other.

En aquesta sorprenent producció, la jove cantant i actriu Elena Tarrats afronta el repte de posar veu a sorprenents creacions a partir de cançons de The Beatles i de David Bowie, en un programa que reuneix alguns dels músics més influents de la història.

Mons totalment diversos que es troben en aquest programa i en resulta una explosió musical absolutament radical i sorprenent.



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