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GIO Symphonia is a versatile orchestral project which, after a successful trajectory over the last ten years, has begun a new period under the artistic direction of Francesc Prat, with the desire to provide more than just conventional musical experiences, by committing to enjoy unique experiences and new formulas to present and programme the concerts.

Over the years he has collaborated with renowned national and international artists, great names in classical music such as Nemanja Radulovic, Daniel Müller-Schott, Valentina Lisitsa, Albert Guinovart, Xavier Sabata, Josep Carreras o Ainhoa Arteta. As well as in crossover projects alongside artists such as Monica Bellucci, Ute Lemper, Andrea Bocelli, La Fura dels Baus, Sílvia Pérez Cruz and Buika.

The GIO regularly participates with the main festivals held in Catalonia such as the Peralada Festival, the Cap Roig Festival, the Porta Ferrada Festival, the Pedralbes Gardens Festival, the Grec, the Cruïlla Festival, the Portalblau Festival and the Cerdanya Festival. It has also performed in some outstanding theatres and auditoriums such as the Barcelona Auditorium, the Palau de la Música, the Liceu, Madrid’s Teatro Real and the Girona Auditorium.

It has also formed part of some of the great productions and collaborations such as Maestro, the electronic music show by the Flaix Group; El pop d’una nit d’estiu (Summer Night Pop Concert) and the Institutional Act for the National Day of Catalonia in 2019 in Plaça Sant Jaume. Similarly, it has taken part some noteworthy music recordings for audio-visual projects, including the soundtracks of renowned composers such as Marc Timón, Arnau Batallé and Ivan Torrent; as well as for the company, Really Slow Motion from Los Angeles and La Caixa, in promotional campaigns in our area.

In addition to our concert activity, at GIO we have a pedagogical and social project which collaborates with solidarity campaigns and seeks to find a solid project in the Catalan music scene in the future with a team of professionals behind it who aim to make GIO Symphonia one of the prestigious orchestras in our country. 


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GIO & Nemanja Radulovic

gio & Daniel Müller-Schott

gio & Sílvia Pérez Cruz


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